• oil paintings


Oil paintings by Saint Louis artist Benjamin Guffee


Phonaesthetics is the study of the sound of words or word groupings independent from their meaning.  

In the English language, "cellar door" is often cited as one of the most lyrically beautiful phrase.  If you've seen the movie "Donnie Darko" you may know this already. 

I love the band Radiohead.  I think Thom Yorke is into phonaesthetics, consciously or unconsciously (I'd say almost surely consciously because he seems very well read).

Just thinking of the album titles: OK computer. Kid A. In rainbows.  I could go into lyrics but that might take me all day.  

I think meaningful, "good" abstract art is kind of the visual parallel to phonaesthetics.  I love abstraction when the focus is still on the visual impact of the work, even though free from narrative or representation.